About Art Walk 2013

What is ARTWALK?
ARTWALK, the St. Clair Arts Festival and Studio Tour is an annual community Arts Festival celebrating our diversity and cultural heritage through the arts.

The mission of ARTWALK, is to celebrate our diverse and vibrant community through the arts. We will engage, inspire, and transform our community through inclusive, creative alliances amongst local businesses, artists, volunteers, and neighbours.

2013 marks its 9th year. Since its inception, attendance at ARTWALK has grown to over 2,000 particpants. Over 150 talented people, including musicians, visual artists and literary artists, participate in this event.

When does ARTWALK festival take place?
Artwalk 2013 will take place June 8 and 9th.

Who organizes the ARTWALK festival?
ARTWALK is organized by volunteers from our community. Anyone is welcome to submit a volunteer application form. Volunteer Managers direct the various programs/aspects of the festival while managing and supporting the volunteers working alongside them.

Is there a Board of Directors?
Yes. ARTWALK is governed by a Board of Directors.

How do I become involved in the ARTWALK festival?
For information on how to become involved in the Festival as an artist, musician, venue/business, sponsor or volunteer, please go to the Apply page and complete an application.

How will I know where to go to see the various events and activities?
A program guide will help you plan your FESTIVAL weekend. The program guide lists all places you can visit to experience a range of creative exhibits.

email to ask a question.